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We know you’ll be impressed with the cost savings and efficiency improvements we will present over traditional concrete piers, hand piling and old school screw piles. 

Pile sales and distribution

Solid Metal Piling is the exclusive master distributor of the Blade Pile Screw Pile system across NSW. We hold huge stocks of Blade Piles superior modular screw pile system in our Sydney warehouse that can support loads up to 150 kN SWL. We also have extensive stock holdings of GALV piles and extensions for severe corrosion sites. If you are installing screw piles now or have the plant and equipment required to install them, we’d love the opportunity to work with you. We offer a complete design and certification service for our valued distributor customer base.

Complete Installations

We’ve installed well over 4000 jobs across the great NSW area since we’ve been running our proprietary software. We know what’s in store as chances are, we’ve been there before! Our crews use the latest cutting-edge equipment to measure the soil strength below each pile we install. This is how we guarantee a consistent load has been met with every installation. This is equipment is calibrated and recorded in accordance with all the relevant Australian standards and regulations.

Pile Testing

In addition to our third-party consulting engineers, Solid Metal Piling has a team of inhouse expertly qualified piling engineers. We have the experience and capacity to provide supplementary support to your slab design engineers that will ensure design efficiencies are maximised. We offer soil strength testing confirmation, assistance in confirming corrosion classifications, site pile testing as well as fully supervised AS2159 compliant static load testing.

Quotation and engineering

Our team considers your engineering plans and geotechnical information when estimating. We also leverage our expansive database of over 3500 similar projects we have completed across NSW in an attempt to design the most cost-effective piling solution for your project

Online Sign Offs & Reporting

Solid Metal Piling runs a proprietary live operating software system that sees all empirical data logged from site live. All jobs are monitored in real time via the internet and video link by our construction and engineering teams at the base. An installation report is generated and provided to our customers on completion of the installation that details all the locations, pile depths, total meters installation on the day of the job.

Third Party Certification

All our installation work is signed off by a consulting engineer who is completely separate to our business. It is our commitment to our customers that these third – party engineer certificates confirming the installation is to design and code, be made available to them within 7 days of the installation being completed. This will enable our builders to pour their slabs with 100% confidence every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most asked questions regarding our processes and the Blade Pile system.

Blade Pile utilise a unique helical blade configuration that screws into the ground, providing superior anchoring and load distribution capabilities. This innovative design ensures excellent performance in diverse soil conditions and minimises the need for extensive excavation or concrete works.