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Who We Are

Solid Metal Piling was founded in 2012 by managing director and licence holder Brent Shorter. Trading as Blade Pile NSW, we proudly stock, distribute and install the Australian manufactured Blade Pile screw in pile system. Since trading as BPNSW, we have completed over 1900 installations in the Sydney metro area.

The company has NSW well covered with a distribution and installation network right up to Tweed Heads in the North. Many of the country’s leading project building companies trust us to support their homes. We have also been involved in some significant commercial projects over the years so you can trust us to get it right for you too!

Est. 2012

Our mantra is that we never expose

Stakeholders in the build to any risk.

Stock, Distribute, Install & SUpport

Estimate Your Next Job With Us

Our estimators and engineers consider your engineering, plans and geotech investigation when quoting your job. They will also reference our easily searchable database of thousands of jobs across NSW to design the most cost-efficient pile size, blade size and depth with a view to putting dollars on bottom line of your build.


Our Speciality Areas

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